Call for Participation: Navigating Uncertainty – Diplomacy and Sustainability Actors Forging New Alliances

An initiative to establish an “accelerator group” to act at the Hamburg Sustainability Conference on 07 & 08 Oct 2024 in Hamburg, Germany, inviting GDL Members and CIPSEM Alumni to participate. Apply now …

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GDL Festival Tunisia 2023

For the first-ever GDL Festival, hosted in Tunis and Utique, Tunisia, GDL Members, Leading Partners and the Secretariat reflected on the past 10 years of hosting over 40 Labs with topics including feminist policy, water diplomacy, climate change and inclusive cities with the aim of achieving its goal to advance Diplomacy 4.0.


Empowering Citizens for a Sustainable Future: Insights from the Bled Strategic Forum 2023

The GDL contributed to the conference for the seventh year in a row.


Gender and Democracy Week 2023

The Member-led Gender and Democracy Week, online and offline in Mexico City, took place from 7–12 August 2023. Two GDL Members and non-profit leaders Gabriela de la Torre and ElsaMarie DSilva joined forces and connected their two network initiatives – the Democracy Week and the Gender Alliance to form the programme of the Gender and Democracy Week.


HLPF on Sustainable Development: Side Event

GDL Members are hosting a side-event on climate change and transboundary river systems.


GDL @ Fulbright Media Literacy Forum

GDL members host a Lunch and Dialogue session on purpose and global citizenry.


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