What we do

hands-on: adjective involving or offering active participation rather than theory

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We strongly believe in a member-driven organisational spirit and, true to the name of the GDL, constantly experiment with new ideas to advance Diplomacy 4.0. With our curiosity and the ambition to shift traditional diplomacy on to more inclusive territory, we test and evaluate different formats and methods in our work. We gather different partners, ranging from local experts and NGOs to government representatives, around the table and pool our knowledge to find new approaches to current challenges. From the UN Water Week to the Bled Strategic Forum- we share the outcomes of our work with critical stakeholders on different platforms to push for change. In everything we do, we put dialogue among equals at the forefront.


A space for co-creation, interdisciplinary and intercultural exchange. Participants work together to find new and innovative approaches to current political challenges.


Diplomacy 4.0 is the objective the GDL is working towards with everything it does. In different constellations, members created the GDL’s North Star, its vision and strategy.


From the UN Water Conference to the annual Bled Strategic Forum –many events and ideas are initiated and carried out by members from within the network, supported by the Secretariat.


Dive into reports, policy briefs, articles  and other publications of the GDL and its members here.

Members' Calendar

GDL members are busy and industrious people. This internal calendar shows all their upcoming events.

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