In the name of the Global Diplomacy Lab, several members have contributed to journals, written books or even published policy briefs.

You can also read a publication that summarises the GDL ecosystem in five parts – members, partners, strategy, Labs, Activities – here.


Reflections on the Gender and Democracy Week 2023

The Gender and Democracy Week, initiated by non-profit leaders Gabriela de la Torre and ElsaMarie DSilva in 2023, aims to spark meaningful conversations, amplify voices, and contribute to the advancement of gender equality in democratic contexts. Combining the two important themes of Gender and Democracy meant bringing the intersectional perspective to discussing topics like inclusion, urban living, violence against women, indigenous rights, climate change, youth leadership, technology and the role of the private sector.


Lab Report: Memory in Presence – Memorial Sites as Providers of Empowering Education

Summing up the activities during the Memory in Presence Lab 2022, the four GDL members Julia Jaroschewski, Dagmar Hovestädt, Sonja Peteranderl and Julie August put together a comrehensive report to highlight the results and outcomes of the Lab in Argentina.


GDL Governance Structure

The GDL has a complex governance structure. An infographic makes it more tangible.


GDL Factsheet

The GDL Factsheet summarises the most important information about the GDL on one page.


Water Sheroes – Stories of Women in the Field of Water

GDL members Elsa Marie D’Silva and Irena Creed published a book concerning female leadership in cooperation with Supreet K. Singh.


Futures for Fragility – Applying Foresight, Advancing Development

GDL member Dr. Dominik Balthasar published a policy brief called “Futures for Fragility – Applying Foresight, Advancing Development”.






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