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The Global Diplomacy Lab (GDL) is a community of non-traditional and traditional diplomats. This blog gives insights into the broad activities and the visions and perspectives of the GDL members on current and future challenges.

From technology and gender-based violence to the cities of the future and security: The topics they are concerned with are as diverse as the members themselves.

12 February 2024

Embracing Peace: My Unforgettable Experience at Osnabrück’s Youth Empowerment Lab

Gideon Agyapong tells his experience of Osnabrück’s Youth Empowerment Lab and how it has challenged him to grow. On his trip from Ghana, he had to tackle an unexpected challenge …

29 December 2023

Coffee Break Podcast: Dean Dirk Brengelmann on Diplomatic Tenacity

In the Dean Brengelmann explains the art of diplomacy and the long importance of bridging differences or strengthening relations.

31 August 2023

The GDL coffee break podcast

In this episode of GDL member Khaldun Al Saadi’s Coffee Break Podcast, fellow member Patrick Mpedzisi talks about global inequality, management of diversity and the impact of migration on Europe.

29 August 2023

Transforming Difficult Memories into Inclusive Futures: The Case of Stuttgart

GDL members Dr Banu Pekol and Dr Annegret Warth collaborated on a project and exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany where they brought together multiple actors from the places within cities to show how historic buildings tell us about how a city dealt with their dwellers of different backgrounds. Annegret managed the project and stakeholders, while Banu provided the concept and curated the exhibition.

27 July 2023

Paradigm Shifts and Gaps to Achieve Gender Equality

A very diverse group of people participated in the hybrid EU LAC Gender Equality Forum, led by the EU-LAC Foundation and the foreign affairs ministries of Germany, Argentina and Mexico to discuss overcoming economic and social inequalities, tackling climate change, and political leadership and peacebuilding.

20 July 2023

Not a Family Drama: Reporting on Femicide

Women are killed worldwide because they are women. Femicide is a global epidemic. The media often portray these acts as isolated incidents or sensationalise them – without exposing the underlying systemic problems. A media guide co-initiated by GDL member Sonja Peteranderl aims to help journalists improve their reporting on gender-based violence and femicide.


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