The Global Diplomacy Lab is a platform where experts from various fields explore new forms of diplomacy together to address the complex and often intersecting challenges we face today.  Based on mutual trust and common interests, this platform enables stakeholders to develop and re-formulate agendas on complex issues for collective action and individual, institutional and policy levels.

“Good communication,
mutual interest,
enriching exchanges.”


Youth_Empowerment Lab_2023_Osnabrück_VI_Ratssitzungssaal_c_AngelavonBrill__66
Osnabrück, Germany

Youth Lab: Empowering Youth through Intersectional Conflict Mediation with a Focus on Religion

Together with the City of Osnabrück the GDL commemorates the 375th anniversary of the Peace of Westphalia by bringing tools for intersectional conflict mediation to 50 international youth leaders.




GDL Festival_Tunisia_01_GDL_2023_©Pissenlit_Studio
video, event

GDL Festival Tunisia 2023

For the first-ever GDL Festival, hosted in Tunis and Utique, Tunisia, GDL Members, Leading Partners and the Secretariat reflected on the past 10 years of hosting over 40 Labs with topics including feminist policy, water diplomacy, climate change and inclusive cities with the aim of achieving its goal to advance Diplomacy 4.0.


Youth_Empowerment Lab_2023_Osnabrück_III_c_AngelavonBrill__70

The Power of Being Different but Together: Highlights from my Youth Empowerment Lab Experience

Aurora Partelli reflects on her journey during Youth Empowerment Lab and the power of the collective when in comes to tackling global challenges …

What should diplomacy look like in the future?

Which competences do we need in order to better identify our scope of action?

These are only some of the questions that the GDL, together with its strategic partners – the Federal Foreign Offices of Germany and Slovenia, BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, the German-American Fulbright Commission and iac Berlin – is eager to investigate together with its outstanding members from five continents.


“Looking at the world through others’ eyes”

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