Gender and Democracy Week 2023




Sustainability and Climate Protection, Gender Equality, Human Rights and Migration

The advancement of gender equality in democracies is not only a matter of human rights and social justice, but also plays a crucial role in the achievement of a more inclusive, equitable and just society. Effective democratic systems are necessary tools to reflect the diverse needs and perspectives of all people. From August 7 to 12, the Gender Alliance, Red Dot Foundation, PAUTA and Ollín will host the 4th edition of Democracy Week. The event will take place globally and combines both online and in-person sessions. The latter will be held in Mexico City between 9 – 11 August.

GDL members are cordially invited to participate! Sponsored spots are available not only for GDL members, but also alumni of the BMW Foundation, Robert Bosch Foundation and Gender Alliance, to attend the in-person sessions in Mexico City.

During thought-provoking conversations, participants will have the chance to examine the relationship between gender and democracy from various different perspectives, share best practices and explore innovative approaches to the topic.

The multifaceted and diverse five-day program will focus on five key aspects, including the influence of women’s participation in decision-making-processes to achieve environmental sustainability and the role of female youth engagement in the shaping of democratic institutions and processes. Further, the dismantling of gender-based inequalities and the importance of a safe work environment as cornerstones for female opportunities in the private sector will be discussed. The impact of feminism as a driving force for a more inclusive, equitable and just society, as well as the power of Artivism to enable worldwide dialogue and understanding will complement and round of the program.

If you would like to participate, please reach out to your fellow member ElsaMarie D’Silva, who is co-organising the event!

Further Activities

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