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The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia, one of the Global Diplomacy Lab’s Leading Partners, in partnership with Chatham House and the European Commission, organised the 12th Africa Day International Conference to address the urgent issue of climate security. The conference took place in Brdo pri Krjanu, Slovenia, from 20th to 21st of April 2023 under the official title “Africa and Europe: Climate Security for the Future – Global Challenges, Local Actions”. Climate change is a pressing challenge that affects countries and regions around the world, and it is important for international partnerships and cooperation to be strengthened in order to effectively tackle this issue. The GDL and its members supported the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the conceptualisation and implementation.

The conference’s focus lay on the opportunities and challenges of cooperation between Europe and Africa in the area of climate security, as both continents are vulnerable to the effects of climate change. By bringing together decision-makers and experts from different sectors and regions, the convention aimed to identify the challenges and discuss steps that can be taken to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change and promote sustainable development. GDL members Elizabeth Maloba and Patrick Mpedzisi moderated a panel each of the international conference. The panel that Elizabeth hosted focused on “Smart business solutions for ecological security”, whilst Patrick chaired one on “Inclusive climate security responses: the role of women, civil society and youth”.

Africa Day emphasises strengthening political, economic, and cultural cooperation between Slovenia and African countries. This approach can facilitate the exchange of knowledge and resources and contribute to progress in climate security. Encouragingly, high-level representatives from various sectors and regions are attending, which can foster a collaborative approach to addressing climate security. The international conference is a valuable platform for inter-regional exchange and cooperation to promote climate security. You can read more about it here.


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