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Fulbright Program Seminar on Media Literacy 2023

Media literacy is a topic of major importance in today’s society, a society saturated with an abundance of information and media sources. It has become essential to develop the necessary skills to navigate through the vast array of information and media available to the public, and to critically evaluate and interpret media messages.

Fulbright Germany, one of the GDL’s leading partners, hosted a four-day seminar on media literacy in Berlin from 21 to 24 April. By reflecting on and promoting the values of freedom, diversity and active citizenship, the seminar sought to enhance competence in media literacy and critical thinking. Key objectives included developing a better understanding of the role of media in shaping societal values and promoting a more informed and engaged citizenry while providing a space to ask relevant questions and connect with interesting people. The seminar was open to all German and US grantees and served not only as a workshop seminar but also as an excellent networking opportunity for all participants. By encouraging German-American exchange on media literacy to counter misinformation in the media, it provided an ideal platform to connect with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas and build lasting relationships that can help advance personal and professional goals.

The GDL and its members were not only supporting Fulbright Germany in the implementation of the seminar but also in hosting a special Lunch and Dialogue session. The session was titled “Purpose, Global Citizenry and the Benefit of Belonging to Multiple Networks” and featured a panel with GDL members Cristina GallegosGaurav SharmaJulia JaroschewskiKhaldun Al SaadiNaresh Visuvalingam and Zeynep Alraqeb. They shared their exceptional experiences from past labs and activities while also offering insights into the inner workings of the GDL, providing a deeper understanding of how it operates and what it works towards.

Further Activities

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