Empowering Citizens for a Sustainable Future: Insights from the Bled Strategic Forum 2023




Diplomacy and Foreign Relations, Civil Society, Human Rights and Migration

As an initiative of the Republic of Slovenia, this year’s Bled Strategic Forum, held from August 28 to 29, focused on “Solidarity for Global Security“. Once every year, it presents a global platform that promotes dialogue and innovative thinking on pressing global issues. It aims to create a sustainable world by bringing together diverse stakeholders through events, discussions, and projects. The forum’s flagship event is the yearly international conference held in August at Lake Bled, Slovenia, attracting participants from various fields to exchange ideas and address current and future challenges.

The Global Diplomacy Lab contributed
to the conference for the seventh consecutive year. GDL Members Blair Glencorse and Diego Osorio, alongside Dr. Vivian Valencia, Research Chair in Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Action at Bishop’s University, hosted an event under the title: Rethinking the Social Contract: Harnessing the Power of Global Citizens as Catalysts for Change”. The interactive session focused on human dignity as a foundational element of the social contract and explored the potential of social accountability in empowering citizens and transforming global institutions.

The Bled Strategic Forum involved participants from diverse backgrounds to develop a comprehensive plan of action for renewing the social contract based on trust, inclusion, protection, participation, and valuing what matters to people and the planet. The outcomes included the publication of key insights and recommendations to foster further discussions and collaborations to strengthen global governance for a more equitable and sustainable future. Read more on the results in this years’ Bled Strategic Times.

Audrey Namdiero-Walsh and Sue Lyn Chong from the GDL Secretariat joined alongside Dean Dirk Brengelmann and other GDL Members.

Further Activities

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