rE-Connect amidst the Pandemic, June 5 to 9




Diplomacy and Foreign Relations, Global Governance, Sustainability and Climate Protection, Human Rights and Migration

GDL rE-Connect, June 5 – 9 2021, online

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the fault lines in multilateralism and challenges to partnerships tackeling long term global challenges from migration to climate change.

In this context, the role of the Global Diplomacy Lab in exploring a more inclusive diplomacy became significant. The series of online sessions “rE-Connect amidst the global pandemic” was a celebration of this commitment, as well as a call to its members to create meaningful opportunities for collective action, trust and solidarity that are more necessary than ever in the context of the current crises.

Find out more about the results from the five day conference below:


rE-Connect: Multilateralism Deconstructed
Exploring a new multilateralism

This three part discussion series took a close look at the multilateral system as the global pandemic revealed the need to rework it. Starting with an analysis of the status quo and the weaknesses of multilateralism as it is today before reimagining how we can do it better. Where to start and why? Find the answers here.


We share knowledge
GDL Barcamp Sessions

At the Global Diplomacy Lab, the members are setting the agenda. They showcased the topics they are passionate about in a variety of barcamps, ranging from a role play exercise on multi-stakeholder partnerships to discussions on digitalisation or migration. Review the member-driven effort here.


Open Situation Room
Open Situation Room

GDL members dedicated a whole day of the rE-Connect to the question how the GDL community should convene in the future. In an Open Situation Room they developed ideas on what forms of meetings can support a global, inclusive and sustainable community that connects to local stakeholders and generates impact.


GDL Policy Brief

GDL’s first ever policy brief was presented during the rE-Connect. It describes three opportunities to counteract immediated challenges we are facing right now. What issues were most urgent and the opportunities for change were developped by 13 GDL members from 13 countries using Foresight Methodology.


Closing Concert

Music can be seen as a universal language that we all understand. The Virtual Concert closing the rE-Connect featured three artists from three different continents that use their music to support and shape political activism and diplomacy. Standing ovations for Out of Time Embassy (OOTE), Alan Lili and Rahul Ram.


Upcoming GDL Publication
Coming soon: GDL Publication

You want to learn more about the GDL – its members, activities and strategy? Then the GDL Publication is the right read for you!

For a deeper dive into how the GDL connected during the pandemic, check out the three-week programme of the GDL prE-Summit.

Further Activities

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