Multilateralism Deconstructed




Diplomacy and Foreign Relations, Global Governance

Multilateralism Deconstructed:
Status Quo – Vulnerabilities – Reimagination
June 5-7, 4.30 – 6 pm (CEST)

During the GDL rE-Connect from June 5-9 2021, GDL members took the chance to take a closer look at Multilateralism. As the COVID‑19 pandemic triggered unprecedented economic, political and social disruption, weaknesses of the current system were revealed. This leaves us with the opportunity to examine weaknesses to explore solutions. Join the GDL community in their three-part exploration:

The first interactive panel discussion explored the current status quo of the challenges the world is facing and the ways in which the multilateral system must address these challenges to achieve effective responses. Learn about the session, its speakers and moderators.

The second and deeper dive explored the significant weaknesses in the current multilateral system with the aim of understanding its inherent values, biases, flaws and inconsistencies as well as to explore the identified weaknesses and pave the way for imagining potential future alternatives. Learn about the experts and moderators that shaped this session.

A third fishbowl discussion focused on reimagining multlilateralism by exploring the need for a new, inclusive and fair form of multilateralism which rethinks the underlying values, principles, objectives and political methods. Learn about the panel and moderators.


Takes this journey around the globe and listen to what GDL members have to say on the topic.

Take a good look at the results from all three sessions in form of the graphic recording by Marianna Poppitz, who accompanied the GDL community throughout the journey.

You can also review the other sessions of the GDL rE-Connect.

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