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rE-Connect Barcamps, June 6 and 7 2021

During the GDL rE-Connect from June 5-9 2021, GDL members used the opportunity to delve into topics they are passionate about. Showing what they have accomplished on a topic, gathering new ideas to move forward or approaching an issue innovatively.

Read more about each of the barcamp sessions below.


Feminist Futures

Members of the cross-network gender alliance led a discussion on how to accelerate gender equality. One of the main points of agreement: we need care and inclusiveness in order to move to a more equitable and sustainable world after COVID-19. For the field of diplomacy this means, that we have to rethink how we train professionals of diplomacy and most importantly, we have to imagine new kinds of leadership.


Foreign Policy for Sustainability

What role should the GDL take on in the field of sustainable foreign policy? Which approach should the GDL’s Sustainability Strategy pursue further or more actively? This barcamp session with Sabrina Schulz shared GDL’s Sustainability Statement and collected input on these questions.


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Society is becoming increasingly digitalised and interconnected, with computers and algorithms mediating much of people’s daily activity in one way or another. GDL members Amy Coughenour BetancourtGaurav Sharma and Florian Bankoley explored Data, Digitisation and Democracy in their discussion. They explored opportunities as well as challenges created by the integration of digital technologies into society.

Further Activities

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