Saša Čvrljak

He is a Croatian diplomat and EU affairs expert with 13 years of professional experience, including seven years in the Diplomatic Service of the Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. Having spent his childhood in war-torn Croatia during the 1990s and witnessing the horrors of the war on a daily basis, he developed a life-long desire to enter the Croatian Diplomatic Service in order to create a more peaceful, prosperous and free Europe.

His experience in the Croatian Diplomatic Service consists of working for the DG for Europe on the General Affairs Council, the DG for Political Affairs and two diplomatic experiences that have significantly shaped his professional and personal outlook. Being an exchange diplomat in Vienna during the preparation and implementation of the Austrian EU Presidency in 2018 helped him to grasp political and social dynamics in Central Europe, including the unsurpassable strength of soft power, the Viennese music and art scene. Additionally, his experience at the Croatian Embassy in the Russian Federation, before being expelled as a persona non grata in June 2022 and witnessing the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine was another life-changing moment, observing the end of the European Belle Époque and the harsh return of geopolitics.

His previous engagements include working at Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, pursuing a European Commission traineeship in Brussels and academic work as a researcher at the Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO) in Croatia.

He is  a curious and interesting person with proficient research, analytical and communication skills and the ability to translate them into conceptual policy work and project management. His strengths are my delivery-oriented mindset and abundant “can-do” attitude. He holds a MA from CEU Budapest (international relations and EU studies) and he has been granted scholarships by DAAD, the Goethe-Institut, the Federal Foreign Office, the ENA in Paris and the Open Society Institute.



Diplomacy and Foreign Relations, Civil Society, Conflict Resolution and Mediation






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