GDL Talks – Partnerships for the Sustainable Development Goals




Global Governance, Sustainability and Climate Protection

By Rocío Cañas, Patrick Mpedzisi and Blair Glencorse

Two GDL members delivered powerful messages on building trust and cooperation between a different range of actors across the globe.

Premiered at the GDL prE-Summit, you can (re-)visit these personal appeals in the video below.


About the authors:

Rocío Cañas is an international analyst and cooperation officer working in the fields of foreign policy, diplomatic relations, development cooperation and human rights in both the public sector and non-profit organizations internationally.

Blair Glencorse, Founder and Executive Director of the Accountability Lab, shares his impression that people no longer trust their governments and institutions. He points to possible steps to rebuild trust: Empowering Leaders, building systems that function, fighting corruption because of its capacity to undermine accountability

Patrick Mpedzisi, an organisational development consultant, explaines that the commonly known narrative about “Africa” fails to tell important aspects of the partnerships between the global south and the global north. He argues that the traditional cooperation model seems outdated, as also becomes clear during the current health and economic crisis: Everyone is vulnerable. Rebuilding after Covid-19 is a chance to evaluate what is working and to steer developments into a different direction beyond the traditional cooperation models.

Published on June 11, 2020.

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