Svenja Prigge

Svenja Prigge joined the GDL Secretariat on a freelance basis in September 2023 to oversee the project’s communications and PR activities.

As a communications enthusiast and creative, Svenja likes to wear many hats. Under her pseudonym Svenja Lettera, she designs logos, illustrations and posters with a focus on custom typography. Her love for posters also motivated her to launch the project Posterwomxn – an effort to amplify the visibility of women and non-binary people within the design industry. Posterwomxn organises spaces and exhibitions and publishes interviews with poster designers from around the world on its website.

Prior to joining the GDL, Svenja worked as a Senior Communications Manager for the project Young Entrepreneurs in Science at the Falling Walls Foundation, where her brand storytelling and creative direction helped to drive the project’s mission of bringing more entrepreneurial spirit into German academic institutions. In addition to this, she has gathered extensive experience in project management and communications through her work in different industries such as publishing, design and the non-profit sector.

In her free time, Svenja enjoys studying the Levantine Arabic dialect and connecting with her fellow creatives at one of the many events within Berlin’s cultural scene.

Photo ©Bea Rodrigues

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