Tamara Gómez Marín

Tamara Gómez Marín is a young diplomat who has been working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship of Costa Rica since 2019. Before that, she served as Parliamentary Advisor in the Parliament of Costa Rica (2015-2019); her principal responsibilities were related to subjects such as: local development, human rights, gender equality, security and drug trafficking, education and indigenous peoples.

She is also an AFS trainer in intercultural education, President of the “Fundación para la memoria de la población LGBTIQ de Costa Rica” (which is working in the creation of a museum for LGBTIQ history), feminist activist, and volunteer in different NGOs. In 2013 she was elected Member of the University Council at the University of Costa Rica as student representative (2013-2014).

She has a Master in diplomacy and a Bachelor in International Trade and Customs, both from the University of Costa Rica.

Her personal interests are mainly human rights, intercultural dialogue, right to the city, peace and conflict management, fight against inequality.




Diplomacy and Foreign Relations, Sustainability and Climate Protection, Conflict Resolution and Mediation, Gender Equality, Technology






North America
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