Anton Goodman

Anton Goodman is a professional activist working for peace, equality and integration in Israeli society, and helping to build connections between Israelis and Palestinians on a grass-roots level. Since 2013, Anton has directed international development at the Abraham Initiatives, a major Jewish-Arab non-profit organisation, promoting shared society, equality and representation. In this role, Anton has attained major grants from the EU, the US State Department and Germany’s Federal Foreign Office. By focusing on learning from comparative examples and using best practices from other societies struggling with division, Anton broadens horizons and builds international partnerships.

On a grass-roots level, Anton is a member of the board of directors of Oz VeShalom, the Jewish religious peace movement in Israel, and regularly leads activities ranging from interfaith dialogue and political demonstrations to interventions that take a stand on the issue of Jewish extremism.

Anton lives in a small town with his wife Anat and four superhero children.



Civil Society, Conflict Resolution and Mediation






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