Shawgi Omer Nawai

Shawgi Omer Nawai is a youth advocate and social activist from Sudan with vast experience in the non-profit sector and a particular focus on social justice and community development.

He works as the co-founder of Emerging Leaders and the Director of PLACE Network, a Paris-based start-up that unlocks newcomer talent in Europe and matches it with economic actors in entrepreneurship, employment, public leadership, and higher education. He works on changing the negative narrative about migrants in Europe by empowering newly arrived migrants to consolidate their place and integrate into their new host societies.He is also a core team member of the Global Citizenship Education Youth Network and co-chairperson of the “Education Above All” youth advocates initiative, and also part of the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network. Simultaneously, he is part of other youth groups and initiatives focused on addressing and accomplishing the SDGs.

Shawgi’s work is centered around youth and supporting their needs at different levels while also mainstreaming the idea that youth demands should not be considered a privilege for some but a right for every young person in the world.



Human Rights and Migration




Europe, Africa


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