Marjorie Brans

Marjorie Brans believes the world is undergoing a second Copernican revolution and wonders: “What systems reconcile free markets with care for all creatures in all directions for all times?” Seeking an elusive answer, she has travelled the world looking for clues in Asia, Africa, South America, Europe and the Subarctic.

Around the world, she has advised humanitarian organisations, multinational corporations, venture capital funds, tiny social businesses and large not-for-profits on building a better world today. To recruit fellow explorers on the quest for environmental sustainability and social justice, she (co-)founded the School for Social Entrepreneurs Canada, the League of Intrapreneurs Canada, CLARION (Community-Led Action to Resilience in our Neighbourhoods), PhotoVoice US, and the Maitri Platform for global humanitarian response.

Somewhere along the journey, she won awards including Environmental Defence Green Champion of 2017, Tufts University Presidential Award for Citizenship, Spirit of Lord Michael Young Award, the Sir James Woods Award for Community Development, and was named a BMW Foundation Responsible Leader. Marjorie is passionate about the wilderness and reconnecting to the ancestral heritage common to all humanity on the planet.



Sustainability and Climate Protection, Energy and Natural Resources, Human Rights and Migration




North America


North America
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