Luciana Ribeiro Monteiro

Luciana Ribeiro Monteiro has been working at Embraer since 2000. Since 2009, she has been developing technological research projects that focus on the user experience and sustainability.

She has been researching, developing and applying new natural materials, trying to integrate the environment and society and to create projects that embody sustainable design, promote a fair marketplace, and highlight economic and ecological aspects. She develops technological forecasting projects that incorporate new concepts of interior design, future scenarios and trend analyses and subsequently develops and implements the respective portfolios. In this way, Luciana has become well acquainted with the dynamics of multidisciplinary projects, also in partnership with national and international universities and research institutes.

She has been based in the Netherlands since 2019, where she leads several student teams at TU Delft. Together, they implement collaborative projects with a focus on socio-environmental sustainability.



Sustainability and Climate Protection




South America


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