János Kóka

Former Minister of Economics, private investor, IT entrepreneur and manager, Dr János Kóka has been CEO and Chairman of Cellum. He is currently President and Chairman of Doktor24, a health-care service network. Prior to that, he has been consultant in implementing technologies in public services by founding KJ IFS based in Budapest.

Since graduating from medical school in 1996, he has held various positions in both the public and private sector. Dr Kóka has worked in a number of senior lead positions at various Hungarian and international IT firms.

From 2003 he served as Member of the Board of the European ICT Association based in Brussels, and Chairman of the Hungarian-Indonesian Joint Business Council.

He was appointed Minister of Economics and Transport of Hungary in October 2004 and later reappointed in June 2006. In 2007-2008 he was President of the Liberal Party and parliamentary group leader until 2010.

After leaving politics in 2010, he returned to business as a consultant to reorganise Cellum Group, and was then appointed President and CEO of Cellum Global Corp in 2011.





2016, 2015


Civil Society, Healthcare






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