Françeska Muço

Françeska Muço is an Albanian civil society activist. From an early age, she has been passionate about civil rights and citizens’ engagement in democratic processes. Her activities include advocacy campaigns and youth-related policies in Albania and in the Western Balkan region. She has been a youth representative/board member at the central level, not least in the UN Women Albania Civil Society Advisory Group and the Tirana Youth Municipality Board.

Her professional experience is mostly related to project implementation and fundraising within European Union programmes as well as with various donors in Albania.

Françeska is active in public debate, through participation as a speaker at conferences, in awareness campaigns, TV shows and interviews. Currently, she holds the position of Secretary General of the Albanian Young Professionals Network, she is the Youth Representative of Albania, the Governing Board of the Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO) of the Western Balkans and a member of the UN Youth Advisory Board.

Her fields of interest are: peacebuilding, regional cooperation, gender equality, education and rule of law / good governance.





Civil Society, Human Rights and Migration






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