Ansky Shira

Ansky Shira is the director of market strategy, business development and external affairs (for the last six years in Netafim) with extensive experience, working for publicly listed companies, governmental organisations, non-profit and privately held media organisations. She has worked in more than ten locations around the globe and have been based in Paris, Brussels, Strasbourg and Tel Aviv, operating in financial services, the media and agtech.

Ansky started as a journalist and producer in Israel while studying for a BA in political sciences. Later, she relocated to Europe to work as an assistant to a French MEP, where she collaborated with diplomats, politicians, academics, the media and diverse institutions. Following three years in the European Parliament, she moved to Paris to complete my MA in international relations at Sciences Po University. Upon graduation, Ansky joined BNP Paribas HQ in Paris, where she worked for nine years in several business roles with teams across the globe.

In 2005, she became a member of the media team affiliated to the Israel Prime Minister’s Office, as part of a special task force for the disengagement from Gaza. It has been now more than six years since she returned to Israel. Since her return, she has been working for Netafim in various positions, contributing to the development of markets like Africa, the Middle East and several countries in Europe, building relationships with various stakeholders related to agtech and water management. During those years, Ansky has worked on various aspects of water issues and challenges. She has volunteered throughout her career for causes close to my heart.



Civil Society, Energy and Natural Resources




Europe, Asia


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