5th Lab: Balancing Power through Information Technology



Montreal, Canada

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Global Diplomacy Lab (5th Lab): November, 3 to 6, 2016 in Montreal, Canada.

The digitisation of the world is changing diplomacy in ways we have yet to fully grasp. People working on international issues and diplomacy need to understand how quickly technology is bringing transformational changes to their professions.

According to the members of the Global Diplomacy Lab (GDL), diplomacy “is no longer the strict purview of national governments and international organisations.” More and more individuals are becoming diplomats in their own way, due in part to the digital revolution, which has given not only world leaders and diplomats but also ordinary citizens the tools and platforms to communicate in new and innovative ways. Today, most citizens and communities can communicate with policymakers and organisations in other nations – and vice versa.

The 5th Lab from November, 3 to 6, in Montreal was looking deeply into the subject of “Balancing Power through Information Technology.” Key questions were: How can state and non-state actors help shape and improve global governance and foreign policy decision-making through information- and communication technology? Is digital diplomacy just a new tool or a step towards a more balanced relationship between state and non-state actors?

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Video: Elena Petković

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