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Global Governance

By Rocío Cañas, Netta Ahituv and Chris Fowler

Leadership can take many forms, as Netta Ahituv, senior magazine correspondent for the Israeli newspaper “Haaretz”, and Chris Fowler, Senior Director of Corporate Development at the USO (United Service Organisations), explored during this second GDL Talk on Global Leadership.

Netta paid tribute to the efficient political leadership women have assumed during the coronavirus crisis and talked about how female leaders have distinguished themselves from harsh military talk by showing empathy, compassion and softness while delivering outstanding management. She attributed this to the impressive qualifications that made it possible for them to run for office in the first place.

Chris explained how we can use the power of time travel – by learning from the mistakes of the past and taking effective action for the present in order to change our future. He invited participants to find communities, strengthen connections and to lead through influence. The action we take in the present will be a gift to our future selves.


About the author:

Rocío Cañas is an international analyst and cooperation officer working in the fields of foreign policy, diplomatic relations, development cooperation and human rights in both the public sector and non-profit organizations internationally.

Published on July 16, 2020.

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