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Human Rights and Migration

In this episode of GDL member Khaldun Al Saadi’s Coffee Break Podcast, fellow member Patrick Mpedzisi talks about global inequality, management of diversity and the impact of migration on Europe.

Patrick Mpedzisi is an organisational development consultant with over two decades of experience in the NGO sector of Africa. Over the course of his professional career, Patrick created new and innovative processes for CSOs in Africa to engage in regional processes. He has managed major CSO initiatives, led regional campaigns and built civil society capacities across the continent.  A lawyer by profession, he also founded, a platform for restoring, preserving and celebrating African culture and identity and serves as a Board member for the Zimbabwe Evaluation Association. Patrick’s focus lies in programmatic and strategic improvements, advocacy, policy engagement, resource mobilisation, sustainability and change management.

To kick off the episode, Patrick provides an insight into how he manages to juggle all the different responsibilities he currently holds and which tools help him to stay organised. Afterwards, Khaldun and Patrick dive into one of Patrick’s current focus topics: global inequality. They converse about the roots and manifestations of inequalities among states, within countries and between regions. Patrick shares his key learnings on how to successfully manage diversity and utilise its positive potential. In the end, Khaldun and Patrick elaborate on the impact of migration in Europe and discuss how Europe can adapt in a modern, changing global landscape.

To learn more about Patrick’s expert insights, make yourself with a cup of coffee (or a hot beverage of your choice) and check out the new episode on Spotify!

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