GDL Peacebuilders: A Multimedia Portrait




Diplomacy and Foreign Relations, Conflict Resolution and Mediation

GDL Peacebuilders: A Multimedia Portrait

The virtual exhibition led by Banu Pekol highlighted members of the Global Diplomacy Lab who work on peacebuilding and conflict transformation.

These members have shared an object, image, sound, or video which they feel closely relates to their work and is linked to their own story of resilience.



It presents a multimedia reflection on how personal the work of peacebuilding and conflict transformation can be, and how this personal is political. By focusing on the individuals and their motivation, it underscores the connections between personal experience and larger social and political structures. With this exhibition, we aim to reveal that peacebuilding in multi-track diplomacy is not just a job, but has a strong personal motivation and drive.

Enter the exhibition through the button below and walk through the first stories from Julie AugustColette Mazzucelli, and Anton Goodman. You’ll be taken through memories about the impact of the second world war on families, navigating through troubled waters in the 21st century, and vouching for peace in the Gaza conflict.

Click here for more information on the inspiration and vision of the work on peacebuilding as well as this exhibition. Visit the exhibition here – enjoy!


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