Corinna Fischer

With her deep-rooted curiosity about everything from politics to psychology, Corinna has studied and worked in very different fields. Whether you talk to her about advances in renewable energy sources, possibilities for using artificial neural networks in medicine, or how to make the United Nations a
more effective global player, she will listen closely and be certain to give you her opinion on the matter.

Her passion for communicating with people around the globe and from diverse backgrounds brought her to the GDL in September 2018. She has established herself here as a community specialist, promoting the members-driven focus of this expanding network.

Corinna holds a Master’s degree in Media and Political Communication from Freie Universität Berlin. In her studies, she focused on the use of social media by political organisations.

While she loves Berlin’s city life, Corinna often explores nature on foot or by bike in her free time.

More about Corinna Fischer
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