Tristan terryn

Tristan terryn specialised in EU-Latin American relations, with a strong focus on regional integration and trade relations, before participating in the Belgian Foreign Service exam. Fluent in six languages, he is convinced of the invaluable contribution different forms of cultural and political exchange bring to the table in addressing and solving challenges ranging from armed conflict to urban planning.

Tristan is passionate about international relations and diplomacy, he is now in his third year as a Belgian diplomat in Germany and has participated actively in diplomatic exchange programmes, studying cross-border cooperation, conflict mediation and has engaged with other partners in the reputed Diplomaten Kolleg.

A creative thinker, not afraid of thinking outside the box, unconventional in tackling problems, Tristan is nevertheless well versed in bridging cultural divides to propose innovative solutions. Besides a vast understanding of Latin American and Caribbean affairs, he also has an understanding of the challenges facing large areas of the African continent and the Pacific region, while coupling this to policy-making in the European Union.



Diplomacy and Foreign Relations, Global Governance, Conflict Resolution and Mediation






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