Samira Irsane

In 1999, Samira Irsane graduated from Lille 2 Law School in France, earning an L.L.M. in European and international law.

Before that, she studied law at Indiana University School of Law in Indianapolis, USA. Most recently, in 2021, she earned a university diploma in energy law and international arbitration law from the Law School of Nanterre-Paris. Professionally, she began her career as a legal assistant at the General Secretariat of the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

It was at the UN and at the EU Commission that she gained first-hand experience of working in the field of human rights law. Following these two experiences, she went on to work in the French government, initially with the Ministry of External Affairs and eventually moving on to the Ministry of Justice, where she was primarily responsible for policies dealing with asylum seekers and legal aid.

More recently, as a legal expert at the Ministry of Ecological Transition, she was a negotiator in European law and a political and diplomatic advisor in the fields of climate change, sustainable transport, energy, urban planning and environment, which included overseeing legal responsibilities.

In addition, as Sustainable Development Advisor at the French Embassy in the Netherlands, she was able to focus specifically on the subject of climate justice. Currently, as a senior legal expert for the Ministry of Finance, she has greatly broadened her expertise in matters of mutual assistance and international judicial cooperation as well as in matters of judicial sovereignty.




Sustainability and Climate Protection, Energy and Natural Resources, Human Rights and Migration






North America
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