Rodolfo Cordova Alcarez

Rodolfo Cordova Alcarez is the Regional Ambassador for the GLAC in the Americas, where he has been harnessing the interest of its members to create a community that advances change on a set of issues in the region.

He successfully participated at the Migration Laboratory, where he drove the work on the topic of narratives on migrants & refugees. Rodolfo serves as Vice-President of Impacto Social Metropolitan Group – an agency that uses strategic communication to foster social change and for the past 15 years he has passionately worked on actively promoting and defending the rights of vulnerable people. He has worked in the Americas and Europe for international agencies, not for profit organisations and academia promoting human rights.

Rodolfo has been involved in several multi-stakeholder processes relating to global development, including the SDGs and the Global Forum on Migration & Development.



Sustainability and Climate Protection, Civil Society, Conflict Resolution and Mediation




North America


North America
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