Miriam Možgan

Miriam Možgan works as a strategic communicator at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia, specialising in disinformation trends and counter disinformation measures and policies. Last year, she helped set up the newly established Diplomatic Academy at the MFA.

During her career at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she has specialised in the digitalisation of public diplomacy, public relations and strategic communications. Between 2009 and 2012 she served as Secretary General of the Bled Strategic Forum and helped to design and organise BSF, which has grown into one of the biggest international forums in the region.

She served as Deputy Chief of Mission at the Slovenian Embassy in Washington (2005-2009), where she was chargée d’affaires from 2008 to 2009, and in Paris (2013-2017). She worked as a public relations advisor to the President of Slovenia (2003-2005) and as Head of Public Relations at the Ministry of Defence (1997-2001).

Miriam began her career as a radio journalist with national radio and television.



Diplomacy and Foreign Relations, Technology






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