Mehmet Emre Gür

Mehmet Emre Gür works with a large portfolio of organisations as a consultant, expert and serial social entrepreneur. He is currently Key Expert at Sivil Düşün, Managing Partner of Barem Consultancy and Katalist, Country Representative for the Centre International de Formation Européenne (CIFE), Director of Alumni Relations at the CIFE European Institute, and Secretary General of the Turkey Europe Foundation, along with some other voluntary engagements.

His main interests reflect the multidisciplinary context he has been working in at the crossroads of academia, civil society, and the private sector: civil society, democracy, and politics in the EU and Turkey, social development projects, youth and women’s policies, as well as food and agriculture policies.

Emre has worked for various institutions including civil society organisations, universities and international organisations, mainly in fields related to social policies and as a consultant and trainer for project management. Emre has co-authored a book on Best Practices of Youth Participation and has written articles on contemporary Turkey. He graduated from Marmara University and CIFE / European Institute in Nice, with a specialisation in the evolution of the EU’s Aid Policy and its contributions to the Millennium Development Goals.



Civil Society, Conflict Resolution and Mediation, Gender Equality






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