Katarzyna Hanula Bobbitt

Katarzyna Hanula Bobbitt has experience with public policy strategies, in particular with running long-term, successful social impact campaigns and advocating for a wide range of legislative, regulatory and legal causes.

She has an outstanding record of achievement in guiding the design, development and implementation of policies and programmes at the European and international levels on issues such as inequality, financial reform and digitalisation. She was the European Commission expert advising on the reviews of the European acquis from the social perspective. She is a behavioural economist and a coach who is interested in how we can apply behavioural economics to public policy design.

Fascinated by how technology is impacting our lives and forging new pathways for society, she is involved in discussions on the future of work and digital development at EU level.

Outside the office, she is a committed educator and spends time volunteering for Professors without Borders and Teach for India, when she is not engaged in social enterprise projects that are aimed at creating healthy financial and digital habits for children and their future well-being.

She holds degrees in law and in economics from Poland and the United States, as well as a diploma in political psychology from Hungary. She has earned managerial experience in Kenya and is currently pursuing an MBA in education leadership in Finland.


2023, 2022, 2020-2021

Special function

Strategic Visionaries


Civil Society, Conflict Resolution and Mediation







Further Engagements

Katarzyna is an active member of the Impact Task Team of the GDL.



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