Jernej Grahor

Jernej Grahor works as a project manager with the Centre for European Perspective (CEP), a Slovenian-based foundation and think tank. The CEP engages with domestic and international projects within four main pillars: strategic communication and resilience against disinformation; Slovenian international development cooperation and humanitarian aid implementation; peace and security sector; implementation of the Bled Strategic Forum international conference and transnational projects implementation (within the Danube Region – EUSDR).

Jernej has been working at CEP since 2018, cooperating on different project activities, most recently as coordinator of EUSDR Priority area 10 “Institutional capacity and cooperation” and as programme coordinator of the Young Bled Strategic Forum. Jernej completed his undergraduate course in European studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana, and is finishing his MA degree in the same field. During his studies, Jernej cooperated in different volunteer groups (Slovenian Scouts) as a youth coordinator and students’ groups that focused on providing informal education and soft skills to students.

Jernej is active as a programme coordinator of the Young Bled Strategic Forum, a platform for capacity building and active participation of young leaders from all over the world, who cooperate in a Forum organised on an annual basis. The Young BSF develops its vision to create opportunities for the active participation of young leaders, together with decision-makers and all stakeholders within our society, in an open space where their ideas, creativity and knowledge are listened to and heard, as equal partners for change and creation.

He is fluent in Slovenian, English, Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian and has a passive knowledge of the Italian language and Slovene sign language. In his free time, Jernej enjoys creativity in the kitchen, playing the electric guitar and viola, as well as travelling.



Civil Society, Conflict Resolution and Mediation, Human Rights and Migration






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