Charlotte Hochman

Charlotte Hochman’s work lies in creating collective movements, individual leadership and contexts that favour empowerment – from physical spaces to programmes, curricula, events and interactions. She specialises in interculturality, creating the conditions across cultures for individuals, teams and groups to take action and create level playing fields for people to act.

Charlotte has partnered with leading universities (among others INSEAD, Babson College, Les Mines, EMINES and the California College of the Arts), governments (including Barack Obama’s White House), cities (including Paris’s first female mayor Anne Hidalgo) and businesses (Generali, Unilever, Ben& Jerry’s) to embed empowerment methodologies in their core programmes, functioning, and policies.

Her practice is based on two decades of fieldwork and applied research and collaborations across disciplines, including social sciences, design and business.

In 2011, following an invitation to collaborate with the Obama administration, Charlotte co-founded ‘Wow!Labs’, an innovation studio centred on empowerment. ‘Wow!Labs’ collaborates all over the world with the private sector, cities, governments, universities and the third sector to create contexts for innovation to emerge. ‘Wow!Labs’ also initiates projects where there is opportunity for strong impact, setting up private-public partnerships and rounding up co-investors to take ventures off the ground.

PLACE is one such project, creating experiments in Europe to make the link between migration and innovation visible.



Civil Society, Conflict Resolution and Mediation






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