Anemarie Da Silveira Bender

Anemarie da Silveira Bender graduated in dentistry and received further technical training on a Family Health Residency Programme. After two years packed with experiences, she chose to undertake a one-year training course on management of primary healthcare settings, working at the State-Level Health Department, and later enrolled on a Master’s degree course on dynamics of health and welfare, sparking an interest in social determinants of health.

Shortly after obtaining her degree, she started working at the Ministry of Health on labour management, gaining experience in the areas of strategic planning, policy analysis and project management. Seeking to understand the impact of information and communication technologies on health, she completed a second specialisation course, and briefly collaborated on the development of the digital health programme in Brazil.

Anemarie is a life-long learner who loves challenges, and was selected to work specifically on long-term strategies for the country with the Presidency of the Republic. She is currently a Policy Analyst for socioeconomic issues at the Special Secretariat for Strategic Affairs of the Presidency of the Republic of Brazil, and a student of the MGG Academy 2021.







South America


South America
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