What Does Urbanisation Mean for Pakistan’s Cities?




Civil Society

In 2015, GDL member Mome Saleem started a campaign called “Reclaim Green Islamabad” as she saw the city around her change dramatically. As trees are cut and green areas turn grey, more and more of Pakistan’s citizens are taking action against the consequences of rapid urbanisation.

“As urbanization in Pakistan increases rapidly, Saleem underlined, problems are growing, but so is citizen action against them. So there’s still hope to turn around Pakistan’s urbanization from problem to progress.”

States an article by GDL media partner Deutsche Welle. You can read the full article, which addresses the issues Pakistan’s cities face as well as the action taken by citizens here.


About the author:

Mome Saleem is a program coordinator and conducts research which is focused on topics related to human security and gender as well as global governance and conflict resolution strategies.

Published on November 16, 2020.

Photo credit: Graciela Vargas

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