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Listen to Blair Glencorse‘s interview. He is the founder and CEO of Accountability Lab, an organisation that fosters wise use of resources, fair decisions and secure lives. He talks about his work and his motivation for fighting against corruption, as well as about bottom up transformations and issues of good governance.

Blair explains how the Accountability Lab seeks to localise accountability and to provide context specific support. He emphasises the fact that the Lab is working on local approaches based on local solutions. One example is the popular campaign Integrity Idol that started in South Africa recently.

The Accountability Lab has expanded in recent years. Blair discusses the developments that surprised him the most. He shows how the Lab constantly tries to transform challenges into opportunities and to incorporate the issues into a comprehensive learning process. Blair also talks about what inspires and encourages him, as well as about young people and the creativity of the next generation.


About the author:

Blair Glencorse is the founder of the Accountability Lab, an incubator for creative, youth-driven ideas for accountability and transparency around the world and he has strong interests in governance, development, transparency and anti-corruption issues.

Published on February 27, 2018.

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