Coffee Break Podcast: Dean Dirk Brengelmann on Diplomatic Tenacity




Diplomacy and Foreign Relations, Global Governance

In this episode of GDL member Khaldun Al Saadi’s Coffee Break Podcast, GDL’s Dean Dirk Brengelmann himself discusses the art of diplomacy and the importance of bridging differences and strengthening relations.

Dean Brengelmann has held several bilateral positions including as German Ambassador to Brazil and the Netherlands. His professional life has mainly comprised of multilateral posts, including in NATO.

Taking over from the role of Dean from Ruprecht Polenz earlier this year in March, Dean Brengelmann in this capacity is responsible for advising members and partaking in the decision-making committee.

In the beginning of the episode, Dean Brengelmann describes the delicate task of an ambassador whose function involves bringing together different interests and nurturing relationships. In a role where others want something from you and you want something from others, it is extremely important to know your priorities as an ambassador, he explains.

In the episode, the Dean also speaks about his experience at the recent GDL Festival this year in October in Tunisia. He expresses how many of the members conveyed their concerns over the current state of the world seeming like its ‘falling apart’. With this concern in mind, he expressed that the future of GDL will move ahead with the intention of crisis prevention as one of its main areas of focus.

To learn more about Dean Brengelmann’s insights on diplomacy, make yourself with a cup of coffee (or a hot beverage of your choice) and check out the new episode on Spotify!

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