Workshop: GDL Strategy Implementation




Diplomacy and Foreign Relations, Global Governance, Civil Society

From January 20 to 23, the current Elected Advisory Council, the Secretariat and Dean Ruprecht Polenz met for a hybrid workshop to discuss the results of the four working groups and how to implement them. Whilst it was possible for the Secretariat and EAC members Cristina GallegosGina Romero and Johannes Braun to travel to Coconat, a sustainable workation retreat centre in Brandenburg, Satyarupa Shekhar Swain and Mr Polenz joined online.

After jointly setting the agenda on the first day, the Secretariat went on to in detail describe its workings as well as its role in the extended GDL network. Once a common understanding had been developed, EAC, Dean and Secretariat discussed the fruits of the four working groups’ labour, which had over the past year worked on a member charter as well as strategies for financial sustainability, communication and impact. The EAC together with Ruprecht Polenz and the Secretariat set out to design an action plan outlining the next steps. Once finalised, the GDL moved forwards with the outcomes generated by the working groups and officially kicked off the implementation phase.

Further Activities

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