Call for Participation: Navigating Uncertainty – Diplomacy and Sustainability Actors Forging New Alliances




Sustainability and Climate Protection, Conflict Resolution and Mediation

The divergence of global actors coupled with multiple crises and conflicts increasingly undermine collaboration and cooperation around environmental protection, sustainability and prosperity measures.

Therefore, the TES Academy, the Global Diplomacy Lab and the International Postgraduate Studies of Environmental Management (CIPSEM) invites Members of the Global Diplomacy Lab and the CIPSEM Alumni Network to form an “accelerator group” leading up the the Hamburg Sustainability Conference, on 07 & 08 October 2024 in Hamburg, Germany.

The group of up to 20 participants will work on real sustainability cases, which they themselves propose. The results of the working phase of several months prior to the HSC will be presented and further discussed during a workshop at the conference and deepened with additional partners from industrialized countries. A follow-up process will concretise these results for subsequent implementation. The approach aims to recognise differences in understanding, perspectives and needs, as well as to better understand local realities in different regions of the world and their global references.

Please, download the Open Call here. You can find more details about the process and contact list below for further information.


Admission & Participation

To participate, please register until 13 March 2024 via: (portal provided by CIPSEM)

During the registration, please share:

  • In your view, where has international cooperation worked well and/or where has it not worked well with regard to the overall situation described above? What are the reasons for this?
  • How does the content of the call match with your specific (professional) role and competencies?
  • What motivates you to get involved?
  • Which case(s) from your personal practice or your institution’s experience would you suggest as input for collaborative analysis and problem-solving during the process to generate new ways to approach a challenge?



The following process steps are proposed (primarily in virtual formats) from March 2024:


Before the conference

  •  Engage up to 20 interested network members as participants (initial virtual meeting is planned for 26 March 2024).
  • Jointly explore thematic cases related to sustainability topics.
  • Establish a “shared vision” as a basis for further engagement.
  • Virtual group meetings are expected at least once a month, and closer to the conference 2-3 times a month.
  • (Virtual) events with a regional focus to collect perspectives and experiences to provide specific insights.
  • We also aim at organising one in-person meeting prior to the conference (tbc, depending on funding and visa requirements).
  • Use the results for a solution-oriented search for common patterns and entry points.
  • Planning of an interactive workshop at the HSC.


At the conference

  • Deepen and present intermediate results, define the goals for the further implementation process and potential next steps.
  • Involve additional partners to broaden participation.
    After the conference
  • Continue and consolidate the process to realise (or scale up) promising initiatives.
  • As a perspective: a follow-up event of several days in summer/autumn 2025.



Ralph Wollmann, TES Academy

Audrey Namdiero-Walsh, Global Diplomacy Lab

Dr. Anna Görner, CIPSEM at TUD Dresden University of Technology

Further Activities

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