21st Foreign Policy Conference




Diplomacy and Foreign Relations, Sustainability and Climate Protection

21st Foreign Policy Conference, January 2021, online

The Global Diplomacy Lab cooperated with the Böll Foundation on the 21st Foreign Policy Conference which took place in January 2021. Bringing a multitude of perspectives and experience with interactive online formats to the table, GDL members took part on and off screen.

Three public sessions as well as closed formats directed at experts, addressed the future of the European Union in a more competitive world. The focus was on Transatlantic Relations, the European Neighbourhood Policy, Digital Politics and Geo-Economics.

Transatlantic Dialogue

What can a new and progressive transatlanticism look like? This is a question 16 US-American and 16 European young transatlanticists discussed during the conference. The discussions were structured around four subject areas: security policy, the green deal, digital policy and the defense of democracy. These graphics were created live during the discussions and give an insight into the most important moments of the debate.

Expert Conference

To dive deeper into specific challenges the European Union faces right now, experts – including GDL mebers – were invited to debate four controversial topics:

–  EU Foreign Policy concerning Eastern Neighborhood, specifically the case of Belarus,

–  EU Foreign Policy concerning Southern Neighborhood, specifically the case of Libya,

–  EU sovereignty in the area of digital policy and

–  the geo-economic amtions of the EU Commission

The following graphics were created during the debates and show the most important results of the four parallel working groups.



Further Activities

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