Demographic Dividend: GDL Book Presentation




Diplomacy and Foreign Relations, Global Governance, Sustainability and Climate Protection

Book Presentation at the Eastern Sociological Society’s Annual Meeting

In January 2021, GDL members Elsa Marie D’SilvaSonja Peteranderl and Eirliani Abdul Rahman edited and published the book “The Demographic Dividend and the Power of Youth. Voices from the Global Diplomacy Lab”, a compendium with contributions from fellow members. At the New Book Exhibit at the Eastern Sociological Society’s (ESS) Annual Meeting held from March 10-11, Eirliani (aka “Lin”) Abdul Rahman represented the editorial team and those who contributed to the book in Boston. Among the people present were other members of the ESS, including academics from Case 
Western Reserve University and the University of Massachusetts Boston. Further details on the book are available here.

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